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How Long Does Malibu Rum Last? Can It Go Bad?

How Long Does Malibu Rum Last? Can It Go Bad?

Many people would happily look forward to the summer season. Imagine the outdoors, the hot sunny beach days, fantastic and wild parties, and all the fun summer stuff you can think of and enjoy! Plus, you would expect to meet with friends and new people too!

To make summer more exciting to enjoy with friends, family, loved ones, and acquaintances, it would also be extra nice to have some fun, colorful, and flavorful alcoholic drink to chill with too. But wait. What we are going to introduce are not for the consumption of an underage audience! Be warned, guys! We’re talking about alcohol here. But anyway, this topic is for everyone’s information!

Here’s what we have in mind right now. Combine your rum and the summer coconuts, you get the taste of Malibu rum! Yes, it is truly one of the flavors of summer! You would get to enjoy Malibu tonic, Mojito, and Piña colada too! That would be refreshing, right

Malibu rum is Caribbean rum that is originally flavored with coconut extract. This coconut-flavored liqueur is a brand owned by Pernod Ricard, a French company that produces alcoholic drinks. Malibu is widely distributed around the world, and it is wildly popular in America and Europe. Sometimes, some people call it the flavored rum.

Malibu rum comes from distilled molasses, a byproduct of sugarcane refinement. The Malibu rum is the best liqueur to be mixed in colorful summer cocktails. Now, it comes in various flavors such as pineapple, lime, and passion fruit. See, you got more choices!

Also, you should not mistake Malibu rum for pure rum. Both of these alcoholic beverages are different from each other. The Malibu rum ranges from 18% to 21% of alcohol by volume, except for Malibu black with an alcohol content of 35%. Pure rum, on the other hand, has a minimum alcohol content of 40%.

It is a common situation that you may find an old bottle of alcohol in your liquor collection. And, you may even have Malibu rum among them. This liqueur usually comes every summer, and it is returned back in the storage when summer is over. Another year has passed, and you remembered you have some leftover Malibu rum and asked yourself if it is still okay to use it. Or, has it ever been a suitable area that you have kept the Malibu rum there? Has it already gone bad after a year?

This article will reveal the answers to your concerns about storage, shelf life, and spoilage of Malibu rum to ease your curiosities. Let’s dip into this topic! Hear me out.

How To Store Malibu Rum?

Storing Malibu rum is just similar to how you also keep other liquors and spirits. And, it does not stay longer as well as the pure rum does. Here are the things you should heed in storing Malibu rum:

1. You have to keep it in the dark, dry, and cool place.
2. Make sure you have to keep it away from sources of direct sunlight and heat. Such exposure will damage the quality of your Malibu rum.
3. If you have a cellar, that will be the perfect storage location for your Malibu rum because this area of your home is cooler. But actually, your liquor cupboard, kitchen cabinet, or your food pantry is not a lousy storage area either. Just keep it there, and your Malibu rum will remain safe as long as it is dark, cool, and dry.
4. You may put your Malibu rum inside the refrigerator once you open it. However, it is not necessary at all. Yes, it can still hold its flavor and freshness for some time in your pantry and just chill it anytime when the time comes, you need to use it. And, that bottle can even sit there until the next summertime.
5. If you just happen to live in a tropical area, or in a place where the climate is warm, or your pantry may not be cool enough for storing your Malibu rum, it is totally okay to put it in the refrigerator even if you haven’t opened the bottle yet. Either way will do anyway.
6. It is crucial to keep the bottle tightly closed, so it won’t allow air to get into the bottle and depreciate the quality of your Malibu rum.
7. If you have the pourer on the bottle, replace it back to its original bottle cap if you plan to store your Malibu rum for a more extended period.
8. For small amounts of leftover Malibu rum, it is best to transfer the liquid in a smaller glass bottle to slow down its chances to oxidize and evaporate that could destroy its flavor. As we all know, the alcohol evaporates faster than water. Just secure the cover tightly.

Can I freeze Malibu rum?

As for freezing your Malibu rum, you do not have to. Yes, you can do it if you feel you want to. But, just know that Malibu rum is shelf-stable though. Just put it in your pantry or refrigerator, and it will all e okay. Save your freezer space for foods that are more perishable or for food items that badly require freezing instead.

How long does Malibu Rume last?

Every bottle of Malibu rum comes with a label that indicates its “Best-by” date. That will be your basis for how long your Malibu rum retains its peak quality. However, Malibu rum does not necessarily spoil after that set date.

Your Malibu Rum has a shelf life of two years when it’s unopened. That is what most manufacturers set. And, it won’t even go bad immediately as long as you have kept it in a suitable storage area all the time.

And guess what? Your Malibu rum can actually still remain fine as long as it is still unopened, and it can even last for another 10 years in its ideal storage condition! This is highly possible as long as the bottle’s seal is securely intact, and it is free from impurities or other signs of spoilage.

If you are after its perfect flavor, it is best to consume your Malibu rum within one year after you’ve opened it. Again, as mentioned earlier, it is still expected for it to be acceptable for drinking after a year. But don’t expect that it is still in its prime. There would be changes in its flavor. So, don’t get too disappointed if that happens to your Malibu rum. All you will have to do next is decide you either still keep it or just toss it away instead.

How to tell if it has gone bad?

As described earlier, Malibu rum has a lower alcohol content compared to other hard liqueur like pure rum, vodka, or whiskey. When we talk about spoilage, it is very rare for it to occur in Malibu rum too. Technically speaking, it is just hard for Malibu rum to spoil. Just note that Malibu rum won’t necessarily harm your health in terms of spoilage. Instead, the Malibu rum’s flavor will only degrade faster than other hard liqueur, especially when you have already opened it.

If you have an old bottle of Malibu rum that has been kept in your storage for years, just give it a quick inspection before using it. Here are the signs you should check if the quality of your Malibu rum has already changed or deteriorated.

1. There is a change in its flavor and taste. In other words, if it does not taste as perfect as a newly opened bottle of Malibu rum, it will be your call whether or not to dispose of it.
2. If it seems okay, do a smell test. Pour out a sample and give it a good sniff and a little taste. If the taste and smell are still to your liking, go ahead and use it. Just do what you want to do with it. If wasting food is not in your favor, you may mix it with drinks with strong-flavored ingredients like pineapple or orange to hide its inferior taste.
3. If your old stock Malibu rum bottle looks suspicious. Just try to look for any signs of discoloration, impurities, or unknown objects that may have entered or contaminated the bottle. Here is a rule of thumb to go by: “When in doubt, just throw it out.”


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