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Kickoff Football Season with a Tailgate #SundaySupper – Supper for a Steal

Football season has officially begun. Whether you are a college or pro football fan your teams are back on the field and we are all getting excited planning our game day menus.

BCS Champs

As a lifelong Gator fan I am ecstatic to be hosting this week’s #SundaySupper.  There is little I enjoy more than spending time with my friends and family watching Gator games while munching on delicious food. We live about 2 hours outside of Gainesville and every year we try to make it up to a few games. When I was in college my hubby (then boyfriend), parents, and I  travelled down to Miami to watch the Gators beat Oklahoma in the BCS Championship Game. We parked outside the stadium, with a few friends, set up the mini grill and grilled hamburgers.  The following year we headed to Atlanta for the SEC Championship only to watch Alabama walk all over us.

Winning or losing, watching football is always better with a tailgate party. Hosting a big viewing party at home or setting up camp outside the stadium. These recipes are sure to get you in the mood for the big game.

Join us on Sunday as we share our favorite tailgate recipes and tips. Hop on twitter at 7pm EST for the live #SundaySupper chat.

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