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Harvest Kale Salad for Friendsgiving – Supper for a Steal

All Photos by Caroline & Evan Photography A few months ago my friend Nichole approached me about participating in a “Friendsgiving” she was organizing. Since I like Thanksgiving as much as the next person, I couldn’t resist. I mean just take a look at the menu below. […]

Zucchini Parmesan – Supper for a Steal

I promised this recipe on Instagram (

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos – Supper for a Steal

Make ahead breakfast burritos are a great solution to crazy mornings. As a nursing mom I am hungry and if not fed I get HANGRY!! I have never been one for large breakfasts, but now a days I find myself stuffing my face at nine o’clock. […]

1905 Salad for #SundaySupper – Supper for a Steal

I’m popping back in for another #SundaySupper. I used to be so good at committing to these weekly, now I’m lucky to join in once a month. But with the new year and my goal of actually maintaining the blog this year, I hope to […]

A Day in the Life of an Almost Five Month Old – Supper for a Steal

Just in case you ever wondered what life is like with a five month old, read on. Today Hadley turns five months old, but I recorded my day yesterday, so at that point I’m still considering her almost five months old. We got out of […]

Loaded Cauliflower Soup – Supper for a Steal

Baked Potato Soup is one of my absolute favorites! But, you know, with the holidays I try to save a few calories where ever I can. Subbing out the potatoes in soup for cauliflower. That was my genius friend Noelle’s idea. She casually mentioned it […]

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate #SundaySupper – Supper for a Steal

We are a coffee loving family. I actually gave it up during pregnancy and after the initial caffeine withdrawal headaches, didn’t feel that I missed it. But towards the end I started to add it back in. I love the tradition of sitting on the […]

Buffalo Shrimp Salad – Supper for a Steal

Quick, before summer’s over, I have one more summery salad recipe for you. Well, I guess for most of America summer ended about 2 months ago, but not here in Florida. We are still experiencing 85-90 degree temperatures on the reg. We did have a […]

Freezer Meal: Chicken and Black Bean Burritos – Supper for a Steal

Well friends, this is the end of my baby prep freezer meals. If you missed any in this little series here you can find my: Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo, Minestrone Soup, and Vegetable Enchiladas. In addition to those I also made and froze White Garlic Stuffed […]

Whole Foods Market is Coming to Clearwater – Supper for a Steal

You guys, the new Whole Foods that will be approximately 4 minutes from my house opens tomorrow! I don’t know if anyone actually understands my excitement about this. Well, maybe my husband because I announce to him daily the countdown until it opens. I also […]