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This past week we had our floors refinished, more on that below, so we took the opportunity to escape to my in laws house in Northern Georgia.

My husband had to work most of the time we were up there, but we were able to take a few days of fun.

We started with Burt’s Pumpkin Farm. This place is heaven for the decorator in me. Tons of options for fall decor from white and green pumpkins to baby gourds. They also have cheap winter squashes for cooking.

This year I picked out a green pumpkin, a warty orange pumpkin and lots of baby pumpkins and gourds for interior decorating.


After Burt’s we headed over to apple alley and stopped by BJ Reece Apple House. We couldn’t pass up fresh fried apple pies. We sampled all the apples, knowing we would be coming back later to pick.

Fried Apple Pie

The next day I headed back to BJ Reece while my husband worked for apple picking. It was my first time picking apples, that I can recall. I brought home a bag mostly full of Rome apples with a Winesap or two thrown in there.


We had a few days of hiking, outlet mall shopping, and more working before ending our trip with dinner overlooking the lake.

Meanwhile back home…

Before we left we attempted to rip out all the cabinets. We only fully got through the bottoms and the tops still need to be removed.

We had all of the carpet and tile taken up in the house and the underlying terrazzo floors were polished to a shine. This is not a best picture below. Please excuse all of our junk. The whole house is a mess as we try to reorganize.

As you can see we will be making a few layout tweaks including moving the fridge, and adding a breakfast bar.

Bottom Cabinets Removed

Due to my lack of counter space, not much cooking will be happening here in the next few weeks. Tonight I’m heading over to my parents to make dinner and use up some of these apples I came home with.

Update: Here is a better shot of the shiny new floors. Clearly the dogs love them!


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